Pay By Mobile Phone Bill Bingo

Have you ever wanted to play real money bingo on your mobile phone, Smartphone or tablet device but have been a little unsure as to the many different types of deposit options available?

If so you are going to find that there are quite a number of different ways that you can instantly make a deposit into any bingo site. However, many people are worried these days about the security of making online and mobile financial transactions and would prefer not to have to give out their credit card or debit card details or give out their bank account details when making such a deposit.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide that is going to enlighten you on a way that you could choose to play mobile bingo but deposit in such a way your deposits will simply be added onto your next mobile phone bill!

When you do play mobile bingo and deposit by your phone bill you are not actually going to need any money upfront and as such it may be a great way for you to be able to play bingo right now and pay for your deposits when your next mobile phone bill is sent out to you!mobile payment

Please do take a good look through this guide for there are two different companies that offer this very unique way to make a deposit into most mobile bingo sites and you will find both of them are easy to use and highly secure and by using either of them you will be able to play any of your favourite bingo games or bingo side games whenever you like and for real money too!

Boku Mobile Bingo Deposit Option

The first pay by mobile bingo deposit option that you may be very interested in using is the service offered by Boku, when you have downloaded a bingo app onto your mobile device and have signed up to use that app as a real money player you will simply need to log into the app before you can make sure a deposit.boku logo

By tapping onto the banking or cashier button you will then be taken to the secure area of the app and when there you will then be given access to any of the deposit options available at that mobile bingo site.

By selecting the pay by mobile or Boku option you will then be promoted to select the amount of cash that you would like to deposit into your real money bingo account by having those deposits added onto your next mobile phone bill.

Once you have done so your deposit will then show up in your bingo site account balance and you will be able to play any of the games on offer much like you can do when choosing any other banking option.

One thing to keep in mind however is that there will always be a daily, weekly and/or monthly maximum amount that you can make by using Boku as your preferred bingo site mobile banking deposit option, so you will not be able to go too mad and overspend by continually depositing by your mobile phone bill!

Pay for Bingo Deposits Using PayForIt

There is another company that offers a service whereby bingo players can make a deposit and play mobile bingo by their phone bill, and that company is called PayForIt. The way their bingo deposit method works and operates is more or less the same as when you choose to use the one listed above.payforit

As such, whenever you are in a bingo playing frame of mind and fancy playing bingo games or even bingo side games simply select the PayForIt mobile banking deposit option and select the amount of cash you would like placing into your bingo site account and that deposit will be processed instantly.

Be aware though that no matter which pay by phone mobile banking options you do choose to use if you do not have a monthly billing type of account with your airtime provider and instead have a pre-paid type of mobile airtime account you are still going to be able to make bingo site deposits using PayForIt.

You will however need to ensure that you do have enough cash available on your prepaid mobile account balance as it will instantly be deducted from your balance when you choose to use the PayForIt or the Boku deposit options.

PayForIt is highly secure and a very popular bingo site deposit banking option trusted by millions of people, and as such you should have no problems using it if and when you ever want to play bingo in a real money playing environment.

Benefits of Using a Pay by Phone Mobile Bingo Banking Option

In this final section of our guide to using pay by mobile phone bill banking options we are going to be enlightening you as to all of the benefits of opting to use either Boku or PayForIt as your preferred banking method of choice.benefits

With that in mind please do read on for when it comes to you having complete peace of mind in knowing you are making deposits safely, securely and instantly you really are going to be hard pressed to find a more convenient service than a pay by phone type of mobile bingo banking option!

Bingo Bonuses – A mobile bingo site operator is not going to treat anyone who does make a deposit by phone bingo site deposit any differently to players who make a deposit using any other banking method, and as such you are going to find that you will be able to claim just as many bonuses as other players using any type of deposit method when using a pay by mobile phone bill deposit.

In fact, some to the very best valued bingo bonus you can claim will be deposit match bonuses, as when claiming those types of bingo bonuses you can often massively increase the value of your bingo playing bankroll when you utilize and then claim such bonuses, so be on the lookout for them!

Withdrawal Method – One thing that you are not going to be able to do whenever you have deposited by a mobile billing type deposit is to get your winnings credited back to your mobile phone bill, and with that in mind one tip we can pass onto you is to select a withdrawal option that will allow you to get paid out your winnings speedily.

You can opt to get your withdrawals paid into any web wallet or your bank account, or if you prefer the mobile bingo site you have chosen to play and can send you out a cheque for your winnings.

Small Deposit Amounts – As you should always play responsibly and only ever spend money that you can afford to lose when playing mobile bingo games or mobile bingo side games in a real money playing environment you will find that you can only make a certain amount of deposits per day when paying via your phone bill.

Currently that amount is limited to deposits totalling £30 per day, and as such managing your bingo playing budget should not be a problem as long as you always ensure you have enough cash available to pay your mobile phone bill when it becomes due.

Mobile Bingo Account Verification

You will need to be over the age of 18 to be able to legally playing bingo on your mobile device for real money if you are based in the United Kingdom. As part of the licensing requirements every single mobile bingo site will have to verify your account at some point.

As such when your account does need to be fully verified you will be required to furnish the bingo site with copies of your identification documents such as a passport and/or driving licence and also present to them copies of a utility bill on which your name and address is printed.verification

Many players opt to get their mobile bingo site account verified before they start to play at any mobile bingo site, for by doing so there will then not be any delays in getting your very first withdrawal processed and sent out to you.

Also please do keep in mind when you are depositing by a monthly billing type of mobile airtime account you will need to prove to the bingo site operator that your account is in good standing with your airtime provider and you have actually paid your recent bills.

So you may be requested to show a receipt for payment or some form of proof that you have paid your phone bill recently.

However, once you have had your mobile bingo site account fully verified which is a one off requirement, each time you want to make a withdrawal from your account those winnings and withdrawals will be processed very quickly indeed, much more so if you choose to play at any of our listed and approved mobile bingo sites!